Meet Our People

Richard Pearce - BSc(Hons) MBA Dip Marketing

Richard is an entrepreneurial, business fixer.  His enthusiasm for helping businesses solve problems has been welcomed in various business sectors in UK and abroad.  His dentist wife gives him a unique ability to understand the life of an Associate, Practice Partner and Practice owner and bring his experience to the business of dentistry.

He has built and sold Practices (by working closely with Principals) from Brighton to Harley Street to N Ireland.  Practical and hands on, he also has an MBA.

Having lived in Ballymahon, Co. Longford, he now lives in N Ireland.  Richard loves to enjoy life with his wife and son, fly his hot air balloon, complete the occasional triathlon and find DIY projects at home.


John Sarbu - Graphic Design Expert

John is a highly experienced graphic designer, specialising in brand identity and print design. With 13 years experience within the design industry, John creates visual communications that are simple, clean and effective. His work is mainly focused on logo and identity design, providing clients from a wide variety of industries with relevant and meaningful design solutions.

John has a great ability to empathize with client requirements and seek constructive feedback. He has the skills and experience to show great attention to details, deliver truly effective designs and express your brand beautifully.

John Sarbu


We are a group of people with decades of experience in business and the business of dentistry. We love helping to take Practices from a vision, to launch, growth and exit. Through a combination of coaching, mentoring, training, consulting and facilitation we provide the owner with the opportunity to achieve their vision.

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