Don’t call them KPI’s …..

Are your KPI’s really ‘Key’? I’m beginning to think that using the TLA (3 letter abbreviation!), KPI is the worst way to start a discussion about the numbers within a Practice!  It sounds like management speak and many Practice owners seem to subconsciously (or consciously) recoil from the expression.  So lets not look at KPI’s!  What about ‘Vital Signs’, ‘Status’ or ‘Outcomes’? I’ve seen KPI’s for a Practice which runs to over 10 pages …. The result is that no-one looks at any of it.  If they do (and I’ve heard this), someone made the observation (and this was the only observation), ‘There’s a lot of red!’  (these particular KPI’s had minus numbers coloured red). So, producing a Vital Signs report is a waste of time (and lets not forget money), if they don’t achieve the following: Aid understanding of what is going on in the business Focus attention on what is good and what is not so good Lead to development of POSSIBLE mitigating actions Selection of actions to take TAKING ACTION Between 3 and 8 KPI’s are all that is required and they must fit on no more than 2 pages (1 would be better).  They must always
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