Have you walked slowly towards your Practice front door (from 100 metres away)?

Have you asked someone you know, to do the same? Obviously, it needs to be a frank assessment to really help you! If you do so and then fix the 3 most obvious (and simple) areas that jump out at you, your new patient numbers may also leap.  You might need to look at:

  • Quality signage coherent with your brand
  • Modern lighting with cabling neatly routed
  • Clearing up an unsightly blemish on the fabric of the building

We all just start to forget the obvious after we have ignored it for a couple of months – it’s just human nature.  It takes a significant jolt to make us have a second look. Perhaps you have heard the adage, ‘Retail is detail’. If your premises don’t look good from the outside, no-one will want to come inside. Even longstanding, previously loyal patients may notice the physical deterioration of a surgery and can be wooed by the lovely new, modern Practice down the road …..

When I first visit a Practice, I have to be that ‘friend’ with your best interests at heart.  If you want an objective assessment of the impact your ‘shop front’ is having, just give me a call.

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