On it’s own, computing power has changed the face of dentistry over the last 20 years.  From Practice Management Systems (PMS), voice-over-IP (VOIP), digital x-ray, digital photography, 3D scanning, websites and social media, email, texting and that’s just the basics!


There are still Practices that use none of the above, but it would be hard to see this being true in another five years.  How your Practice makes use of digital means is, of course, another matter.  If we take the PMS, most Practices only scratch the surface of the functionality that is available to them, harnessing the new functions that are regularly added is difficult for even the most forward thinking Practices.  However, the benefits can be transformational and relatively easy to achieve.


Imagine if ….


  • Your website clearly reflects your Practice and your dentistry
  • 20 new patients per fulltime dentist, of the right profile, make contact each month
  • They contact your Practice via online booking and make an appointment
  • They receive an e-Welcome Pack which provides them with all they want to know prior to their first visit
  • The new patient receives a text reminder and they arrive 20 minutes early for their appointment
  • Your smiling TCO welcomes them, shows them around the Practice and talks to them, putting them at their ease, recording more relevant patient information into the PMS.
  • The patient completes their Medical History Form and perhaps a Smile Questionnaire – on an iPad. This gives the dentist, key information (e.g. upcoming daughter’s wedding) for the forthcoming appointment


Next our new patient meets their dentist and already feels like they are being looked after by a highly professional team.  The staff have listened and used the available technology to ensure the new patient’s concerns and hopes are fully understood.


The patient experience obviously continues but the point is hopefully made.  Digital dentistry is here to stay and when used correctly, transforms the patient experience and therefore the performance of the Practice.  Talk to us if you want to enhance how your Practice makes use of technology.

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