As a document that opens the door to an interview, you would think that considerable effort would be expended by a jobseeker to get it right.  But so often, this is not the case.  Five pages or more is not uncommon and to fill that amount of space you have to wade through a range of superfluous information to find what you really need to know.  Courses completed that would be of interest are buried deep in long paragraphs and the recent CPR course given centre stage!


What you were taught at School still holds true:


  • 2 pages (3 maximum)


  • All your contact details at the top, with mobile and email


  • A short profile which describes what you want and your key strengths


  • Key elements of your education that are relevant (in reverse chronological order)


  • Employment history (in reverse chronological order)


You might want to differentiate yourself by offering some before/afters of your work (or offer to have them at interview).


If you can demonstrate that you understand that the dentist’s role is predominantly a communication exercise, then so much the better.  An employer will want to see that you understand that a Practice is a business and that your high gross is achieved through great outcomes for your patients.  Do you have a philosophy as to what makes a great Associate?


There are some ‘losing’ CV’s being sent to prospective employers and it is so easy to get it right.  If we can help you produce a winning CV, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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